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Watch two BellRays videos! Songs from Grand Fury - "Fire On The Moon" and "They Glued Your Head On Upside Down"

The Flash Express Introducing The Dynamite Sound Of... LP

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The debut CD release from Hollywood's Flash Express is here and available on the bands own label - Hit It Now Records.  Uppercut Records is excited to announce that we have released "Introducing The Dynamite Sound Of ..." on vinyl LP!  The Flash Express play punk-infused soul mixed with hard-hitting dirty blues and an unrelenting beat! 

After two ear-splitting vinyl-only 7" releases (on Revenge and Headline records respectively) The Flash Express burst out with this full-length - an 11 song testimony to their signature brand of sweat drenched, sunglasses-at-night, punk/soul scorch! From the scathing posers beware manifesto of “ Who Stole The Soul?” to the blues-whipped bitch slap of “Feel These Blues”, to the sinister urban whisper of “Sneak Around” right back to the screaming explosion of “Dead Broke”, The Flash Express have risen above any dime-a-dozen “garage” trappings to convey some true grit backed by some seriously fun hard rocking.


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The BellRays - Raw Collection

A release from international hard rocking garage/soul heroes The BellRays is upon us and once again available from Uppercut Records!! Raw Collection is a collection of 7", 8", compilation tracks and occasional stray dogs from 1995 to 2002. What you get here is rare material from all of their out of print, vinyl-only releases that were put out by such labels as Revenge, No Tomorrow, Vital Gesture, Multiball, Carbon 14, and Flapping Jet. Also included are various compilation tracks plus newer material that has never been released in the U.S. before now. 11 of the 15 songs appear on compact disc for the first time and have been fully re-mastered and put together here in one killer package! The band line-up on these songs is the same line-up that recorded on the Let It Blast & Grand Fury releases - Lisa Kekaula, Tony Fate, Bob Vennum, & Ray Chin - except on one song where Todd Westover makes his recorded debut on drums!
The Vinyl version of Raw Collection is now available!!

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GODDAMN GENTLEMEN - Sexcaliber Horsepower

Uppercut Records is downright ecstatic to present The Goddamn   Gentlemen and their explosive release entitled Sex-Caliber Horse Power.These five Portland booze hounds reek of the Northwest. They deliver their Sonics-influenced, farfisa crazy, dual guitar driven wall of sound with all the subtlety of a shovel to the head. Thirteen highly charged and tempermental songs of crime, booze, cars, & blood that attacks with the reckless abandon of a mental patient on PCP - switches gears to cool, collected, moody, confident, almost intellectual moments - before blasting back to hell in a distorted frenzy. If there's any other band today playing garage rock of this caliber - we're not aware of them. This album will have the punks, gearheads, and garage scenesters bowing to the now sound of The Goddamn Gentlemen.
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THE BELLRAYS -Grand Fury  GrandFuryscan4Web.jpg (36519 bytes)

Brothers and sisters, brace yourselves for the future - NOW! Uppercut records is proud to present what is perhaps one of the most anticipated albums in recent memory. THE BELLRAYS 'Grand Fury' goes above and beyond their critically acclaimed debut 'Let It Blast' (one of the great, successful indie releases of 1998). On hand here, once again, is the awesome display of power, grit, and fire from vocalist Lisa Kekaula, the extraordinay guitar work and song writing talents of Tony Fate, BellRaysbandphoto4Web.jpg (29199 bytes)and the incredible ricochet rhythm section of Bob Vennum and drummer Ray Chin. Together these four have created a driving, moody, gut wrenching testament to their signiture "maximum rock 'n' soul" sound and have come up with an undeniable landmark album. The 13 songs contained on this disc combine the spirit and aggression of the late 60's Detroit pre-punk music sound with a Mowtown/blues/rock/gospel/r&b vocal meltdown that results in one of the most unique, exciting, and heavy sounds to come out of this (or any other for that matter) music era. Going from subtle, jazzy, experimental moments to full blown sonic assaults - the BellRays show no mercy. Grand Fury is the spearhead into the next millenium for anyone with good taste and a pulse. ARE YOU READY?



Simon Stokes is a highly influential and respected artist that over the years has garnered a large cult following (mainly due to recordings he'd done with the controversial Black Whip Thrill Band, The Nighthawks, and left-wing counterculture heroes Russel Means and Timothy Leary). Stokes' music covers a wide range of styles and emotions that is held together by his wickedly sardonic but always amusing outlook. Many a Rock band has been inspired to cover his songs including The Cramps, Iggy Pop(!) as well as the loose knit gang of bands known as the Confederacy of Scum (Antiseen, Limecall, Hammerlock, Rancid Vat, Cocknoose, etc...)!!

A great album of all-new recordings entitled Honky is available now. Joining Simon on this album are some of the best musicians Los Angeles has to offer including such heavyweights as Wayne Kramer (MC5), Lisa Kekaula (BellRays), Paul Roessler (The Screamers), Pete Finestone (Bad Religion), Bruce Duff (45 Grave, ADZ), Texas Terri (The Stiff Ones), John Wahl (Clawhammer), and Brantley Kearn (Dwight Yokam, Billy Joe Shaver). Stokes and his cohorts ride from swampy funk-injected blues, through traditional country twang, to loud anarchic biker rock, to tragic carnival-like folk, and beyond. The result is an outstanding, timeless piece of American working class music that moves in and out of styles with ease.